MKJ3 is a Canadian family owned entertainment company that focus on inspirational contents to engage kids, expanding their worlds and minds through relevant and fun storytelling.

Our aim is to create content that parents can trust to be safe to watch, read or play with a positive influence on their child's development. Owned by theses 3 brothers (Micah, Kiah, Joiakim) these associate partners decided to give back to the community specially to the cause of Sickle Cell Disease close to their heart by promoting healthy values and lifestyle for young children’s in Canada and across the globe. A special attention has been given to the clinical research aspect to be able to make accessible and affordable care for patients and improve their quality of life by finding a cure through collaborations with different stakeholders.

The Super Felix Brothers is the comic book subsidiary brand under MKJ3 and their first issue will be release on Canada Sickle Cell Day of June 19, 2020 on all platform.