Micah is the oldest of his brothers and the serious one, when his superpower is activated his body can reach a lava temperature at 1200 C degree and he turn into fire and can control it very well. Micah’s other skills are manipulation of fire, heat ray vision, great combat abilities, and able to burn through walls.

Kiah is the middle brother and more the funny one, when his superpower is activated his body reach the intensity of a tornado force and his strength is still this date unmeasurable. Kiah has super speed and superhuman strength, able to control wind with his fist. He is able to lift very heavy objects; his punch is able to penetrate objects. In time of great pressure, he is able to cause massive earthquakes through stomping on the ground.

Joiakim is the latest brother and the silly one, when his superpower is activated his body reach stability under a sub-zero temperature and manipulate of water. With kinetic energy of atoms, he is able to make things colder, for various effects and combinations. In time of great pressure, he turns into a water tornado.

The Battle of Ottogatz

The Battle of Ottogatz

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This first comic book entitle “The Battle of Ottogatz” is the first of a series where theses 3 superheroes will have to fight for their life against the enemy of the City of Ottogatz name Bacteriolos who paralyzed the citizens with his sickle causing pains to all. Ottogatz needs our warriors more than ever in a world where fear is taking over, there is always hope. Get ready for action as time travelers, aliens, Bacteriolos and the mighty Super Felix Brothers clash over the fate of the universe!

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